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Grow the “one agent does it all” REO operation into...

...A polished team of specialists, never missing a task

It’s about systems, not people

Systemize your entire REO inventory

Most of all, ease of use

Proven results

You’re ready to “launch” your business to the next level with A.S.S.E.T

Automate your REO business for $2 per day! Never miss or be late on a task again. No matter how many client offer management systems you and your staff use, “ASSET” is a proven REO work flow application that has been the “secret weapon” used by top REO agents to systemize and organize their REO tasks in a way that will increase you score with clients and ultimately bring in more business. “Dummy down” many tasks so they can easily be done by staff, but are always on time, and usually early! “ASSET”, and really, the underlying systems “ASSET” automates will make you more efficient, and better prepared to handle more of the up coming projected record volume of REO! All for less per day then you probably spent on a cup of coffee on the way in to the office!

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